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The Base
The Pulse of Pune's Arts & Culture Scene

Embark on an artistic expedition at The Base – Pune’s premier space where arts, culture, auditions, and culinary experiences blend seamlessly. Make it your stage for mesmerising performances, transformative workshops, auditions for films, shows, and events, and curated culinary experiences from basic to luxury packages and productive rehearsals, all under one roof.

About The Space

The Base stands as a beacon for Pune’s arts, culture, and culinary community, hosting a myriad of events, from sales meets and auditions to workshops, performances, and more. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, culture, and culinary excellence with us.

Special Weekday Discounts

Unlock exclusive weekday discounts for your events and bookings. Make your weekdays as exciting as your weekends with exceptional value only at The Base!

Discover amazing deals and discounts just for you, For more information,
 call us at 8668545704


Ignite Your Artistic Vision

  • Area: Over 1500+ sq.ft.
  • Capacity: Accommodates about 150 individuals
  • Perfect For: Performances, exhibitions, sales meets, auditions for films, shows, and events.

Ignite your artistic and acting vision in the Kinetic space, where every performance and audition becomes a masterpiece.


Harness Your Creative Power & Culinary Passion

  • Facilities: Comprehensive knowledge centre
  • Environment: Quiet space for individual work and rehearsal
  • Culinary Experience: Curated culinary experiences from basic to luxury packages.

Harness your creative power and culinary passion in the Potential space, designed for artists, actors, and food enthusiasts who crave focus and exceptional experiences.


Your Rehearsal & Workshop Hub

  • Area: 550+ sq.ft.
  • Capacity: Holds about 50 people
  • Ideal For: Rehearsals, workshops, and artistic meet-ups.

Unleash your artistic potential in the 3o3 space, the perfect arena for rehearsals and workshops.

Tech Specs: Amplify Your Artistry & Auditions

Outfit your events, performances, and auditions with state-of-the-art technical equipment, ensuring every artistic endeavor and audition is a resounding success.

To know more, give us a call at  86685 45704

Embrace the Arts & Culture Community

Be a part of Pune’s thriving arts, culture, and culinary community at The Base. Engage in enriching performances, workshops, rehearsals, auditions, and curated culinary experiences and connect with fellow artists, actors, and enthusiasts.

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Ready to step into the limelight or kitchen? Contact The Base for bookings, inquiries, or collaboration requests. Elevate your artistic and culinary journey with us.

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