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Welcome to iVUniverse: Your Gateway to Innovation and Community

iVUniverse is not just an app; it’s a revolution. Bridging the physical and digital worlds, we offer a platform where creators, explorers, artists, and innovators come together to form a vibrant community. At the core of our ecosystem lies the iVLink Token (IVLN), a bridge to the future Infinite-VARIABLE Coin, and our inclusive “Unlocking the Potential” (UtP) access for those seeking entry without cryptocurrency.

Dynamic Community Engagement

iVUniverse thrives on connection. Creators, artists, educators, and innovators across the globe find a common ground here, sharing updates, collaborating on projects, and participating in activities that matter most to them. Whether you’re looking to engage locally or globally, iVUniverse brings the world closer.

Begin your Phygital journey.


This feature helps you connect with like minded people, by joining groups and showcasing your work as a verified artist. You can join different communities like music, gaming, photography, dance and many others while exploring other artists


Write letters to us. Tell us your issues for which we will try and address/resolve as soon as possible.


The Guilds' leaders ask that you pick an administrator who should be a member to manage the group with more than 100 members . Regular members are joined for free, depending on privacy settings.


A part where architects and designers can display their concepts of potential group properties. If the concept is broadly accepted by a neighborhood or city, it is activated by infinite VARIABLE and displayed in the Center.


You can book our creative spaces for exploring or spending time while working. You can also book for the events and activities at discounts.

Cookie Time

Earn cookie points by answering community related questions that help us understand better on how to provide you with the required services

Engage, Collaborate, and Create

Join activities, workshops, and events in spaces that resonate with your interests. iVUniverse makes it easy to find and fill spaces for mutual interests, fostering real, meaningful collaborations right in your neighbourhood.

Dive Into Circles of Your Interests

Our interest-based Circles are the heart of content sharing and engagement. Join a Circle to dive into a world of audio, video, and written content tailored to your passions, all presented in the most engaging formats as our ecosystem grows.

iVLink Token (IVLN) & Infinite-VARIABLE Coin

IVLN isn’t just a token; it’s your early access pass to the evolving world of iVUniverse, offering unique benefits and acting as a bridge to the Infinite-VARIABLE Coin. Available on PancakeSwap and Raydium Network, IVLN positions you at the forefront of our innovative journey.

Unlocking the Potential: A Gateway for Non-Crypto Users

“Unlocking the Potential” (UtP) offers an alternative entry into iVUniverse, providing access to our ecosystem with a straightforward fee. It’s designed for those who wish to join our community without navigating the crypto space, ensuring everyone can contribute to and benefit from our collective growth.

Exclusive Events, Bookings, and Showcases

From showcasing cutting-edge designs to offering a plethora of events and activities, iVUniverse is a hub for creativity and innovation. Book spaces, attend events, and explore potential community properties that could transform your city.

Become an IVUniverse member today; and enjoy lifetime discounts


For  INR 2450/-, you receive a lifetime membership to IVUniverse, which allows you to connect with, create, or join a micro-community of individuals who share your interests, work on initiatives/activities that benefit society, get tickets to live events, and know that your vote counts. Get it today at a discount rate of INR 1200/- only!

Membership benefits:
✓  Unrestricted access to our app.
✓  Rewards and cash back by sharing referral codes.
✓  Bookings available at discounted prices for members for any property.
✓  Access to exclusive content, and opportunity to join circles and create your own.
✓  Gain access to the Engage feature.
✓  Wallet accessibility.
✓  Priority for requirements.

It’s your customisable phygital universe where your vote counts. Become a member today.

Membership Benefits and IVExclusive Access

Unlock the full potential of iVUniverse with our membership program. Enjoy an ad-free experience, enhanced community decision-making capabilities, and exclusive discounts, ensuring a rich and rewarding journey.

Join the iVUniverse Today

Whether you choose to invest in iVLink Token (IVLN) for a seamless transition to the Infinite-VARIABLE Coin or opt for the straightforward “Unlocking the Potential” (UtP) access, your path to an enriching phygital community experience begins here. Embrace the future of creativity, innovation, and community engagement with iVUniverse.

Sector-specific Solutions

“Experience the power of adaptability with UtP’s Sector-specific Solutions. Whether you’re a hospital seeking proficient IT solutions, an educational institute desiring to optimize your spaces, or a housing society wishing to enhance community living, UtP is your go-to solution. Dive into our tailored offerings for diverse sectors and unlock a world of opportunities”.


“Welcome to IVUniverse, an embodiment of our commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth. This groundbreaking lifestyle application, designed with collective voting at its core, aims to improve lifestyle, uplift the employee happiness index, and instill trustworthiness. Discover the significant influence of our customized IT solution, created in alignment with the United Nations Global Compact Principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”