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Artists can hang out or practice by booking our multiple lit spaces. You can also join hands with other artists in the circle and arrange events through us

For the people who just want to hang out, chill and vibe with your friends, family.. you can also book our cool spaces for arranging your personal fun events.. even kitty parties.

Have a property that you want to flip it into a space for hire where people can use your place for their benefit. Collaborate with us and we can help you do so.


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Lighthouse, 402, DP Rd, near Mhatre Bridge, Pune, Maharashtra 411052

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Sector-specific Solutions

“Experience the power of adaptability with UtP’s Sector-specific Solutions. Whether you’re a hospital seeking proficient IT solutions, an educational institute desiring to optimize your spaces, or a housing society wishing to enhance community living, UtP is your go-to solution. Dive into our tailored offerings for diverse sectors and unlock a world of opportunities”.


“Welcome to IVUniverse, an embodiment of our commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth. This groundbreaking lifestyle application, designed with collective voting at its core, aims to improve lifestyle, uplift the employee happiness index, and instill trustworthiness. Discover the significant influence of our customized IT solution, created in alignment with the United Nations Global Compact Principles and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).”